At Crepe Delicious, we create world-class sweet and savoury crepes. Become a part of something special. Become a part of the Crepe Delicious family.


Crepe Delicious is the one of the biggest Crepe and Gelato franchise with worldwide locations, at Crepe Delicious, we create world-class sweet and savory crepes. We are passionate about fresh, nutritious and tasty food for people-on-the-go or seat down. All of our crepes are made-to-order, with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, Crepe Delicious is a healthy meal option, low in calories and fat (130 calories, 3.5 grams of fat) and filled with an assortment of fresh and colorful fruits and veggies, cheeses and lean meats to create a balanced meal. In addition, we provide a selection of panini sandwiches, salads and premium beverages.

A perfect complement to the specialty crepe business, Crepe Delicious launched Gelato product alongside, which offers a unique selection of signature flavors, handcrafted daily, on premise. Made from natural ingredients Crepe Delicious gelato is both lower in fat and calories than traditional ice cream and offers a rotating selection of lactose-free sorbets and sugar- free flavours. In addition, we offer a unique selection of nutritious of real fruit smoothies and gelato shakes.


Why Crepe Delicious?

•  Unique, one of a kind concept, not like the other traditional food options (i.e pizza, hamburger).

•  Crepes & Gelato make people smile

•  No one can resist the sweet smell of a crepe being made fresh on a warm griddle, or watching the crepe batter as it is spun over the griddle and heated to perfection. Who can resist the sweet goodness in every spoonful of handcrafted gelato?

•  Become a part of something special. Become
    a part of the Crepe Delicious family.

•  Everyone loves Crepes & Gelato

•  Turnkey operation

•  Healthy Eating Starts Here

•  Proven Operating System

•  Low Start Up Costs & No Expensive
    Exhaust System or Oven

•  Low Variable Costs

•  Marketing Support

•  Professional Training

•  Ongoing support

•  Ongoing R&D 


Our Philosophy:

•  Serve Quality, Fresh Ingredients

•  Offer Quick, Friendly Service

•  Deliver Competitive Value

•  Focus on Results

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